You are powerful. When you look in a different direction for your answers you can harness your potential and make it work for you. My approach is simple and grounded in the everyday. I get to know you, your Business, Your Leadership, Your Life; I show you how to find the true you and point you in a direction that shows you the answers you are looking for.

Everybody is different in their appetite for coaching sessions; we can work out together what is best for you.

My aim is to give you greater clarity in your thinking, in your life. You’ll feel energised, happier, engaged and ready to wake up to your world. Here’s what some of my clients have to say.

M. CRAIG – Happy Client

“I would like to firstly thank you for taking the time to meet with me last Wednesday.
The transformation from the beginning of last week until now is astonishing, I really can’t thank you enough.
So many of the terms and analogies you used resonated with me and as a result I feel so much more empowered and confident in myself, particularly in seeing my thoughts. I have noticed a massive difference in my mental clarity and capacity, it’s so refreshing. “


“Thank you very much for the course and all the amazing training that you and Colette gave me. I am feeling very empowered and looking forward to my new way of life.”


“I just wanted to “Start the Week”  by saying thanks to you and Colette for helping me make such a change in my thinking – and consequently in my life as a whole – that I wouldn’t have thought possible, and for giving me the best fun I’ve had on any training course, bar none. Ever.”


10th December 2019

Beyond Limits in Business: Edinburgh December Meet-Up